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It is a very common myth among the average person and our colleagues from conventional medicine that we are using steroids mixed in homeopathic medicines. I understand their thinking because they are unaware of the principles of homeopathy and the power of tiny sweet pills.

Few months back a report on the arrest of a prominent homeopathic physician charged with administering medicines laced with steroids to his patients had sparked a debate on the authenticity of homeopathic medicines. The matter caught the concern of homeopathic practitioners across the country and they stood up in defense of the authenticity of the medicines they prescribed. “Homeopathic medicines containing steroids is truly a misconception” because in certain illnesses like hyperacidity, anxiety disorders, asthma, eczema, migraines and many more that can otherwise only be temporarily treated with conventional medicine and steroids, homeopathy provides quick, safe and permanent relief. Homeopathic medicines make things normal within the body. It corrects the disease instead of suppressing it. When our medicine provides quick relief, the patient and others are prone to think that it contains steroids”. Here I describe how steroids are used in conventional medicine, the difference between steroids and homeopathy and what the test is to ensure that the medicines are not mixed with steroids

When a Homeopath begins his career in homeopathy, he starts with Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry,  and Homeopathic Pharmacy in their first year; Pathology, Preventive and Social Medicine, Forensic Sciences in the second year; Clinical subjects like Surgery, ENT, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, in the third year and Practice of medicine in the final year. Two subjects Materia Medica, Repertory and Organon of Medicine are subjects taken during each year and they are purely homeopathic subjects.  While studying, we spend most of our time with homeopathic subjects or with our respected teachers/seniors, who are all doing homeopathic practice. “DURING THIS TIME, WE NEVER STUDY ANYTHING ABOUT STEROIDS”.

We observe thousands of miracles being performed by our masters by using simple homeopathic pills or dilutions. We also learn that “Homeopathy is the science of experience” and even we do not know neither the exact pharmacology of dilutions nor the exact action of the drug, but miracles happen. Nowadays, it seems there are many perceptions regarding the Homeopathic Pharmacology, but these perceptions are not entirely accurate. This is because modern science has been unable to find even a single atom in the dilution and it may be because Homeopathy is ahead of modern science. About 300 or 400 years ago nobody knew about atoms / electrons / protons or neutrons but today, a 4th grade child knows all of these. Every science has its own miracle men and Homeopathy waits for its “DISCOVERY MAN”.

Differences between Homeopathic Medicines and Steroids:

Homeopathic remedies are prepared as a series of dilutions, with shaking by force or regular striking known as “succession,” after each dilution. The assumption is that this increases the effect of the treatment. Homeopaths call this process “potentization”. Dilution often continues until all of the original substance is gone. They can be prepared from animals, plants, or minerals. The more dilution that takes place, the more powerful the remedy.A steroid is a type of organic compound that contains a specific arrangement of four rings that are joined to each other. Examples of steroids include cholesterol, sex hormones estradiol and testosterone, and the anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone. They are chemically-prepared life saving drugs which are more concentrated and more powerful
A reaction sometimes takes just milliseconds but the purpose is toward the CURE.Have instantaneous reactions but it is for a limited period and often used to save the life.
Symptoms never / rarely reappear.After  finishing the medicine, symptoms reappear immediately
Zero/Minimal side effects (Only when wrongly prescribed or with repeated doses)Always have side effects with every dose
Remedies may begin to start acting simply by touching the remedy on the tongue or skin or by olfaction.Begin acting after dissolving in stomach intravenous administrations, dermatological application or by olfaction method.
More then 3,000 remedies and growingLimited salts used
Can CURE any disease but with limitationsNever cure any disease

Chemical Test for Steroids in Homeopathic Medicines:

Many times when a homeopathic physician performed a miracle, some had doubts about how he did this. In these instances, tests were performed for steroids in Homeopathic Medicine and in some cases, steroids were found. The truth is that when these medicines are tested, they may give a False Positive reaction for steroids because of the presence of lactose powder, which is often used as a vehicle for the drugs. Most milk products, including lactose, cane/beet sugar and certain plant derivations will give false positive test results for steroids using the colorimetric method. In this method when steroids or any reducing sugar is present in the material to be tested, a brilliant blue colored compound called  ‘farmazan’ is produced as a result of the reaction between tetrazolium blue salt used in the test and the sample.

Most homeopaths worldwide use saccharum lactis (sugar of milk) as a base to administer the homeopathic remedy or pills that are made of cane sugar or sucrose, a sugar substitute. Moreover, almost all homeopathic remedies have ethyl alcohol as a preserving agent. So if the drug contains any lactose or sucrose, it will impart a strong color which will give a false impression of the presence of steroids.

One of the only conclusive methods is the ‘UV absorption method’ using a spectrophotometer. If tests conclusively do prove that the medicine given is indeed a steroid, disguised as a homeopathic drug, the patient is free to seek redress and file a complaint to the authorities. However, before acknowledging any claim that the tested medicine was adulterated, one must find out what testing procedures were used by the lab to eliminate the possibility of an erroneous and deceptive result. Conclusion is Homeopathic medicines are very effective.  If we were using steroids, then there would be no need to fill our clinic with thousands of medicines with different potencies rather than just a few strips of steroids. I never force anyone to choose homeopathy but I request that if someone has no knowledge of homeopathy, please do not comment on Homeopathy practices.

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This article was published in the November issue of “New Life Era” (A paper published from Bhopal) and in “Homeopathy for All” published from NOIDA.


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