About Clinical Classes

The prestigious Orbit Institute of Applied Homeopathy (OIAH) represents a shining exemplar of excellence in the realm of homeopathic education, under the sagacious guidance of its esteemed founder, Dr. Deepak Sharma. As a distinguished Ph.D. scholar in Homoeopathy and an MD in Pediatrics, Dr. Deepak Sharma’s incomparable breadth of knowledge and expertise emanates from his illustrious academic background at the renowned National Homoeopathic Medical College in Lucknow.

Since its inception in 2008, OIAH has remained steadfast in its dedication to the advancement of the study of clinical examination. It provides its students with a comprehensive and holistic education in anatomy, physiology, and the clinical examination of the human body. This exceptional educational experience is brought to life through meticulous and immersive clinical classes conducted at the Orbit Clinics Sonia Vihar. Here, students are afforded the invaluable opportunity to acquire hands-on experience under the direct tutelage of the esteemed Dr. Sharma.

Dr. Deepak Sharma, a true virtuoso in his domain, is celebrated for his encyclopedic knowledge and unwavering passion for homeopathy. His prowess in conveying his expertise with pinpoint accuracy and intricate detail has solidified his reputation as a preeminent global educator. His unrelenting commitment to propelling the study of clinical examination forward is truly inspiring.

To truly appreciate the unparalleled caliber of education offered at OIAH, one can visit www.orbitclinics.com or view select clips on the official channel of Orbit Clinics. Here, you can witness Dr. Sharma’s mastery firsthand and comprehend why he is recognized as one of the most distinguished homeopathic doctors in Delhi and the NCR region.

To enroll in classes at OIAH and embark on a transformative journey towards mastery in the art of homeopathy, prospective students can contact the institute through the following channels:
Call or WhatsApp: +91-97111773517, 9711153617
Email: responseoc@gmail.com
Website: www.orbitclinics.com
At OIAH, you can expect to receive individualized attention and mentorship, guiding you on your path to becoming an adept practitioner of homeopathy.

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