Thanks to Dr Sharma

28 Aug 2009

I met Dr Sharma one year before when he joined our hospital, I consult him for my 8 yr old son which was suffer from chronic allergic bronchitis since birth, he was regular allopathic medicine but Dr Sharma done a great job I was surprised about his small Pills that do a wonder now my son is perfectly alright has no symptoms since treatment started. Now my son takes only homeopathic medicines for any complaints and he enjoys the life.

Dr Nayeem Ahmad, Medical Officer, Holy Child Nursing Home, Delhi

Good wishes

28 Sep 2009

I was having acute Acidity problem I did not get any relief from various Doctors and my weight was also reducing day by day as many eatables were stopped by the doctors. Then I started the treatment from Dr. Sharma, with his medicines I felt better and better with energy and confidence within six months I started gaining my weight and I was fully cured from this problem.

I feel surprised that I have overcome all my problems (Knee Pains, Cervical Back Pains and gynecological problems etc.) with his medicines in a short duration. He has been very helpful, Encouraging and Positive. He is always prepared to help and advice even on phone at odd hours. He has a sound Knowledge of Homeopathy.

Our good wishes for more and more progress in his profession.

Mrs Balbir Bedi, Teacher, New Delhi

Keep it up

28 Aug 2009

Dr. Deepak Sharma is very sincere and professionally efficient because as an orthopedic surgeon in my some patients where I was not getting responses, Dr. Deepak helped me by giving some Homeopathic Medicines, after that response was tremendous then my interest develop towards Homeopathy gradually I learn about Homeopathy and Dr. Deepak Sharma backed me. Now I often use homeopathy with the help of Dr. Deepak and got responses up to the mark. So I appreciate this science and Dr. Deepak who is dedicating his life to cure patients.

Thanks to Dr Sharma

Dr R.K.A. Agarwal, M.B.B.S, M.S., D Ortho, Orthopedic Surgeon, New Delhi

May God bless him

21 August 2009

A soft spoken, knowledgeable doctor tries to go to the depth of your ailment, till cured. He is treating me since Jan 2009 and I have been 75% cure. The treatment is still going on. I could not be cured allopathically.

The doctor is caring, there have been a couple of times when he has even called up to ask how much better I am. It goes to show that approach is mercenary. He is presently treating my dog too through telephonically. My dog was almost ‘gone’ but God’s grace and his treatment have saved him. May God Bless him and give him greater success for relieving our pains.

Mrs Meera Sarna, Music Teacher, Delhi

Pain reduced more then 80%

I have been suffering for approximately seven years with a condition characterized by heavy insomnia, back pains, muscle and connective tissue pains, and nerve pain in the hips. Over this period of time I have seen several medical specialists as well as many highly rated natural healers. None of them seemed to be able to provide an adequate diagnosis of the condition, nor were their approaches very helpful. When a friend suggested an internet consult with Dr. Sharma, I was very skeptical and reluctant to proceed. However, since the alternative seemed to be back surgery, I was rather desperate.

Four months have passed since I started treatment, and I would say that the pain level and other symptoms have been reduced by about 80%. Previously, I was up almost every night between 11:00 PM and about 2:00 AM, but now I am sleeping through the night most of the time. Dr. Sharma had originally estimated that it would take about six months to get this condition under control since I had suffered for a long time. I think that in fact the cure may occur sooner than estimated. Perhaps the item which impressed me most was the quality of his original diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. When I learned more about this condition through the internet, I was very much taken with how closely the classic symptoms matched my own.

Needless to say, I offer a glowing recommendation for Dr. Sharma, and if anyone wishes to contact me for further information they are most welcome to call or email

D. S. Khalsa, Phoenix, Arizona

Ray of hope

My wife Smt. Santosh Soin has been under the treatment of Homeopathic Doctor Deepak Sharma for about a year for acute joints pain.

She had been suffering from this problem for about 20 years. Much of allopathic treatment was given her little and many times temporary relief she had been taking pain killers so often. But after taking Homeopathic medicines from Dr. Sharma she is feeling a lot of relief. I personally feel that after noting the previous history of the patient and also the medicines being given to her, the case was well diagnosed and proper medicines given to her. This has given her the desired relief. She also has stopped taking pain killers and we are very satisfied and continuing the medicine for permanent relief.

My wife had also developed hearing problems and it was getting worse day by day. Allopathic medicines taken could not get her much relief and the condition worsen even hearing aid could not help beyond a limit.

However Dr. Sharma’s medicines have reverse the position and hearing capacity is improving slowly but satisfactorily. In general we are very satisfied with the Homeopathic Treatment given to us and hope others may also feel the same.

In addition moral support and ray of hope shown by him was praise worthy.

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