Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease. Asthma affects all age groups in some races may be predisposed as compared to others; however asthmatic patients happen to exist globally with an alarming increase each year. In this disease the airways become constricted by swelling, making breathing difficult either on inspiration or expiration. Many steroidal drugs in conventional medicine in the form of puff are widely used to treat asthma but these drugs do nothing to change the progression of the disease even these drugs decline the rates of cure. A broader, nutritional and environmental approach is required, and when combining this approach with Homeopathy, significant improvements or cures can be achieved.

Asthma and Kids

Infants and kids are prone to the recurrent cold and cough which leads to shorten the air passages and a characteristic wheezing sound from the chest. However 50% of new cases of asthma occur in children below 10 year of age. The conventional medicinal treatment causes a temporary relief with decline in scope of cure for asthma. It is advisable not to choose conventional medicine, we at orbit clinics our TEAM cured more than hundreds of cases of asthma.

Environmental Effects

An effective approach to asthma treatment is to reduce the total ‘environmental load’ that an asthmatic individual is experiencing. This includes selected food, environmental allergens, perfumes, smelly objects, inflammatory agents in the diet and dust is a well-established asthma trigger. Reducing this load as well as introducing important nutritional and Homeopathic remedies have a highly positive effect on an asthmatic individual, many times eradicating asthma altogether!.

Nutritional tips Asthma

  • Increase your antioxidants intake of fresh properly washed fruit and vegetables especially increase your intake of broccoli, apples, berries and peppers.
  • Antioxidant vitamins such as Vitamin C and A have been shown in studies to have some positive results and many suggest combining them with Vitamin E and Selenium.
  • Reduce meat and dairy content of the diet which contributes to inflammation.
  • Increase intake of Zinc and magnesium.
  • East plenty of organic free range eggs.

Homeopathic Approach to Asthma 

Homeopathy is the best solution. Today many homeopathic medicines are working as a best alternative to steroidal medications. They can be given as an acute treatment in place of puffers but more importantly, Homeopathic professional treatment working with the whole person can cure asthma entirely. Please remember that although you may be keen to try some natural and effective alternatives. You must consult your doctor before you take any steps to reduce your asthma medications. In severe cases those are taking conventional treatment from a long time we start the treatment along with these medicines and slowly decrease even stop the doses of conventional medicine.

Homeopathic medicines in acute attack of asthma 

The following medicines are a few of the many Homeopathic prescriptions for an acute asthmatic episode. If one of these medicines fits your asthma symptoms, you will find it highly effective. The potency (Power) of the medicine will depend on the sick individual and we recommend consult with a Homeopath.

Antimonium tartaricum

This is a good asthma remedy for children and the elderly particularly when the asthma has been caused by an infection such as bronchitis or obstructive pulmonary disease. The cough will sound wet and there will be coarse rattling in the chest on both inspiration and expiration. The patient will be worse lying down and at night generally. They may be irritable and want to be left alone.

Apis mellifica

Use Apis for an asthma attack in an acute allergic reaction. Breath feels tight and painful with dry wheezing. The patient will feel better in open air and much worse for heat or hot drinks.

Carbo vegetalis

Severe acute attacks of wheezing with significant belching and flatus. patient feel very weak and may collapse.

Arsenicum album 

Short, dry asthmatic cough with a wheeze.


Worse in the morning, at twilight and especially at 10pm or with sudden changes in temperature. Better for lying on the right side.

Pulsatilla nigricans

This patient has both forms of asthma: wet acute infections with greeny discharges and also allergic asthma (often hayfever related). In both cases the patient must sit up during the asthma crisis and is better for fresh air. Even fanning may help them feel better.

Natrum sulph 

Asthma worse in damp conditions often with morning diarrohea.

There is some more medicines used only with a consultation.

  • Blatta orientalis
  • Ipecacuanha
  • Lobelia inflata
  • Sambucus nigra
  • Medorrhinum
  • Tuberculinum