Orbit Clinics is a fastest growing global network of homeopathic clinics around the globe. Orbit Clinics the name was suggested by one of regular patient of Dr Deepak Sharma in Delhi, India because he always said to Dr Sharma that you are moving in different hospital on the various locations in Delhi & NCR and cover an orbit of the city.

Since 2004 the aim is to restore the health in a shortest time, using reliable gentle and harmless methods, based upon principles to provide a cure. We are still growing with the blessings of our thousands of patients worldwide.
Orbit Clinics is now trade marked by Government department and is moving ahead with its purity. At Orbit Clinics we are treating more than fifty thousand satisfied patients in last decades and growing day by day. It was started with a person and now there is a TEAM of highly professionals including Debby Bruck and Raman Khurana from USA, 7 senior consultants, 10 junior consultants, 30 students, 6 paramedical staff and 5 official staff.

Dr Deepak Sharma and his TEAM have successfully cured thousands of patients with chronic and complex diseases. He provides fully personalized modern Homeopathic treatment based on the principles of classical as well as clinical Homeopathy.

He has been actively involved in creating awareness in the society about Homeopathy by counseling Individuals, Schools and Organizations.

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