Migraine is one of the leading causes of disability among all diseases. The word Migraine comes from a Greek word ‘hemikrania’ in which ‘hemi’ stands for ‘half’ and ‘kranion’ stands for ‘skull’. So Migraine is defined as the self limited, recurring severe headache affecting mostly one half of the head which is pulsating in nature


Childlessness Battle: Ease with HOMEOPATHY Infertility is the global problem troubling many couples. It affects around 15-18% of the reproductive age group of couples. The prevalence of infertility affects more in urban cities due to the modern lifestyle and high educational system and late marriages. As age increases, the childbearing age decreases. It affects the

ACNE – everything you need to know about pimples

Causes- hereditary, hormonal imbalance esp.during puberty, improper diet, poor hygiene, stress and drugs like corticosteroids, etc. DO’s Wash your face frequently with normal water atleast 3-5 times accordingly without making it dry. Use gentle or natural cleanser (home made). Use mild anti-bacterial soap. If inflammation is more, take facial steam for 10-15minutes, once in 15

Salivary gland stone

Salivary stone or salivary calculi is also known as “Sialolithiasis’’. It forms within salivary glands mainly in Submandibular, Parotid glands(less common), Sublingual (occasionally). The cause of this is still unknown but various associated factors has been noticed like dehydration, reduced/increased/thick salivation, any chronic injury to salivary gland or mouth injury. Affects male than females, in

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