Enuresis in children

Enuresis or bed wetting is a common problem encountered in children. Normally up to 3 years of age, a child is able to control urinary urge and the power to control is more with the development. But if the child is 5years old or more and is repeatedly unable to control urination, it is a

Salivary gland stone

Salivary stone or salivary calculi is also known as “Sialolithiasis’’. It forms within salivary glands mainly in Submandibular, Parotid glands(less common), Sublingual (occasionally). The cause of this is still unknown but various associated factors has been noticed like dehydration, reduced/increased/thick salivation, any chronic injury to salivary gland or mouth injury. Affects male than females, in

Classical Homeopathy

Most homeopath physicians practice with the principles given by Dr Samual Hahnemann (the actual homeopathy) which allows the single medicine in a single dose (Law of Minimum). They conduct a thorough and complete understanding of the patient during case taking and is therefore sure that only one medicine in single dose in right potency will

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